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/ Discover

No project exists in a vacuum and the rest of our phases are informed by what we learn during Discovery. This first step helps uncover the unknown and challenge our preconceived notions. Here, we define how we can go beyond what we originally imagined, and do the research required to learn what may have not been immediately apparent. Discovery informs our strategy and answers “why?”.

/ Design

For us, this is the fun part. Whether we’re designing a digital campaign, curating content for a photoshoot, or laying out a web framework, this is where the creative juices flow, the shutter snaps, and the pixels move. We believe design can be both innovative and practical; unique and universal.

/ Deliver

This is when the Old Fashioned hits the bar top. Everything comes to life. The idea becomes a reality. We exceed expectations and deliver the final product.

Edition Studios Inspiration Wall, Minneapolis, MN
— Current Moods

who we are

Edition Studios is a strategic branding agency based in Minneapolis + Los Angeles and was founded in 2004. We’re a team of multidisciplinary creatives who create things that are meaningful, effective, and beautiful. Edition takes on a wide range of projects from building digital e-commerce experiences to producing killer launch parties. It’s more interesting that way, and it keeps us nimble.

We’re best at:

  • Guiding your team with vision
    Identifying your brand spirit and narrative
  • Establishing a clear direction for marketing and advertising
  • Creating quality content worth sharing
  • Maximizing your budget for optimal output
  • Expanding resources for your in-house team

case studies

Here are some clients that came to us with lofty ideas, open minds, and trusted our vision.

  • Waterbury House

    Waterbury House ushers in a new style that brings fresh perspective to the classic design elements. A warm sophistication is enhanced by the stunning lake views, which play off the myriad of indulgent finishes throughout.
  • Lagos Aesthetics

    Lagos Aesthetics is a world-class facial services facility rooted in the Lakes of Minneapolis. They bring the highest medical standards and ethics to each procedure they perform, providing their patients with a medically sound treatment that is both natural and enduring.
  • Cierto Tequila

    Cierto Tequila is authentic, ultra-premium tequila meticulously handcrafted from the finest agave in all of Mexico. Cierto means “true” in Spanish and that’s the perfect way to describe this incredibly smooth tasting tequila.
  • Wavy

    Wavy is a new CBD brand focusing on pure and natural ingredients with full-spectrum CBD. Wavy is for up-all-nighters, the down-to-chillers, the thrill-seekers, and memory makers. Wavy is your ride or die for every occasion.
  • Prudden Company

    Introducing a new guard in residential Real Estate. Prudden Company helps serve individuals and families with diverse needs yet who share a common goal, to find where life’s meaningful moments are captured.
  • Marco V Cigars

    We went through a complete re-brand exercise with Marco V. We started with brand positioning and messaging, and then helped create an entirely new look and feel for the heritage brand. We rolled out new cigar labels and packaging, as well as an entirely new website and shopping experience. 
  • Eleven on the River

    ELEVEN marks the first residential condominium tower in the heart of Minneapolis by Robert A.M. Stern Architects. Set along the Mississippi riverfront, ELEVEN works beautifully within the fabric of the Mill District.
  • Running Mate

    Introducing a run share app for every body with a mission to change the way the world runs.
  • Twin Cities Eye Consultants

    Twin Cities Eye Consultants is a physician-owned, industry-leading eye care provider with multiple locations across the Twin Cities.

brands we work with

challenge what is,
create what’s next

We work with ambitious and fearless founders to build, launch, and grow early-stage companies from scratch. We also partner with existing companies that need to hit the restart button. We work side by side with your in-house team to expand your brand reach and position the business for its next phase of growth.

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