Lifetime Fitness

a healthy way of life

LifeTime is health club with over 150 locations in 41 major markets across the US and Canada.

the work

Life Time Fitness brought in Edition to identify a social media strategy and create content to help connect customers and prospects to the brand’s mission and culture through digital avenues. Our underlying mission was to curate content that inspires individuals to live a healthy lifestyle—whether they’re at Life Time, the office, home, or anywhere else life takes them. 

Our plan was to immerse ourselves in Life Time’s culture early on to get a feel for how we could best share the brand’s story. We toured locations as if we were new members, dined at the LifeTime cafe, and talked with club members. We broke our content into four primary buckets: move it, know it, nourish it, and live it. In the process, we discovered that creating natural, relatable content that featured scenes from everyday life received the highest levels of engagement. 

At Edition, we believe that the aesthetic of your social media feed is also important. So, we ensured that each image and piece of content felt cohesive and part of the same family. To us, the beauty is in the details—a philosophy we incorporated into every level of our work with Life Time Fitness. 

our roles

  • Social Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Curation
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management & Monitoring
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