CBD for a new
kind of lifestyle

Wavy is a CBD company founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the lofty mission to take over the world by helping people feel calm, focused, and creative despite the chaotic world around them.

Wavy’s products were designed for a consumer that values top quality, organic, natural, and premium product. Sourced from USA-grown, all-natural cannabis plants that are completely pesticide free and organic.

the work

Simply put, Wavy did not exist before Edition. The Wavy owners partnered up with Edition in 2020 to create a new, lifestyle-driven CBD brand that focused on all-natural, high-quality ingredients. 

We started the project with a series of product testing to determine the desired taste and effect of the ingredients we were using. After determining a strategic product mix, we partnered with a local hemp farmer to scale the company and bring the product line to fruition. In a team brainstorm, the name Wavy came up and went to the top of our list, with which we then began the process of brand identity, followed by web design, then leading into content through photography and videography.

our roles

  • Product Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • E-Commerce Web Design and Development