Blankets of Hope

introducing a movement of kindness

This winter, over 500,000 Americans experiencing homelessness will feel the desolation of being alone, anxious, and freezing cold. But Blankets of Hope aims to do something about it. As a 501(c)3 organization, Blankets of Hope works to fulfill a simple need—provide a blanket to someone who could use a little warmth and a little love. Even then, Blankets of Hope’s mission is about so much more than providing blankets—it’s about human connection. That’s why every blanket includes an inspirational note handwritten by students across the country.

the work

We partnered up with Nick and Mike Fiorito, founders of Blankets of Hope, back in 2018. The Fiorito brothers have an incredible mission, so it wasn’t hard to jump on board. Like many non-profit startups, brand identities oftentimes pop out of thin air at 3 am, which we’re pretty sure is what happened with the original Blankets of Hope logo! 

So, we took a step back and established a new icon and brand system with depth and meaning behind it. From there, the new brand identity carried over into the new website—a modern online gathering place that allows everyday people to help spread the love that Blankets of Hope provides to those who need it the most.

our roles

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
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