Careers | Edition Studios


Edition Studios is seeking creators with edge and transcendence; people to set a new standard for creativity. If you’re the type that likes to push the envelope and try new things, one of these roles might be for you.

  • Summer Hours
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  • Pet-Friendly!
  • 24/7 Access to State of the Art Fitness Center
  • Kombucha & Cold Brew Taps


As an Account Manager at Edition Studios, you will provide thoughtful business leadership and strong collaboration with our in-house team and clients. You will keep the customer—and the agency—satisfied. You have strong communication skills and succeed in a fast-paced environment, and you don’t get overwhelmed when things heat up. You’re not just great at communication, but you’re a planner, organizer, and daily googler for all things that you may not be perfectly proficient in. You thrive on challenging the norm and run away from the copy-cats out there. You’ll work with a wide range of brands, such as: a new-to-market tequila company, luxury home builders, high-end fitness companies, and a handful of feel-good non-profits.


Edition is looking for a designer with edge and attentiveness; someone to design and create experiences that set a new standard for creativity via email, web design, branding, and print.


Edition Studios is looking for a Creative Web Developer with an emphasis on the front-end user experience, and with advanced WordPress experience. You would lead web development on a number of new projects, including some of our existing client websites. You need to be up to speed and knowledgeable about the most recent releases and standards of WordPress and Shopify. We want you to be as excited and as passionate as we are about what we are creating with the platform.