Polovitz Group

authentic and confident
relationship building

Polovitz Group is a team of forward-thinking experts that thrive on providing their clients the upmost value by delivering the best experience. They pride themselves in creating moments of opportunity where their clients can increase their real estate profits. Polovitz Group is clear on their goals. They stand by their mission of authentic, honest work ethic to ensure top-dollar and smooth buying and selling transitions, all while having a great time and enjoying life to its fullest.

the work

Sarah Polovitz came to us with the challenge of taking her existing real estate brand of Rauth | Polovitz in a new direction. Her strengths have always been providing quick response times, relating to clients on a personal and professional level, being an expert in market knowledge, and having an engaging social media following. From the start, our goal was to create a strong, relatable brand that has a deep connection to the lifestyle of the company and their clients. 

Our team kicked off the branding process with a Discovery phase, which identified the brand’s key selling points: Power and Confidence, Knowledge and Value, Disruptive Achievement, and Unique Inspiration. This processed transitioned into identifying a strong name that connects with their current and future audience, while connecting deeply with Sarah Polovitz herself. After naming was settled, we went down the path of brand direction with the goal of creating a statement brand that oozed confidence. An important part of Edition’s process includes challenging the client’s perspective, so we created an additional concept direction that was not only bold and confident, but that had deep ties to the team’s history in boating the lakes of Minnesota. 

our roles

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity