Admit One Home Systems

Smarter technology for better living

As a premier home experience provider specializing in technology and automation, Admit One pushes the boundaries of everyday living. Audio and video, home automation, programmable shades, home theatres, security, smart lighting—Admit One does it all. Through innovation and expertise in technology, they make a house feel like a home and a home feel like a destination you can’t wait to experience.

the work

We all know how much smartphones revolutionized the way we live and communicate. Now imagine the possibility of a smart home. When Edition first met the team at Admit One, their website felt outdated and difficult to understand. Thankfully, their fearless leader, Lance, had a vision for the future and immediately saw the direction Edition wanted to head in. 

Over the course of four months, Edition discovered a new market opportunity for brand expansion and established a new brand identity for Admit One. Edition also launched an innovative website that connects Admit One’s customers and prospects to a vision of what their smarter homes could feel like with a little imagination, a dash of tech, and a whole lot of expertise sprinkled in. 

Edition’s work helped the end-user visualize themselves living in the home of the future. And by doing so, it helped customers connect their dreams to the value offered by Admit One, which, in this case, is the opportunity to experience the future of home living without waiting years for it to arrive. 

our roles

  • Brand Strategy
  • New Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media
  • Email
Admit One Home Systems | Edition Studios | Projects
Admit One Home Systems | Edition Studios | Projects