Super Bowl Ads: What to expect for the big game?

The Super Bowl will be missing some of its biggest advertisers this year, including Ford, Hyundai, Little Caesars, Olay, Budweiser, and Coca-Cola. With those brands left out, expect to see some first-time content from several young companies, like DoorDash and Fiverr.

Obviously, the landscape of TV adverts will be quite a bit different than last year’s game. Here are some trends to expect:

1. The Zoom Call Satire

Get ready to see different companies take on the current state of communication and bringing comedic relief to the user-experience of remote learning and work conference calls. Let’s see if we get anything besides the typical “grandma can’t open Zoom.”

A favorite of 2020:

2. The Tear Jerker

A heartwarming, emotionally-driven ad is what normally cuts through the clutter. Expect the majority of advertisers to talk about the challenges we’ve experienced this past year and how we “move forward together.”

What we’re expecting more of:

3. The Celeb Appearance

Many celebrities have been out of work this past year due to in-person events being limited. We expect that their booking agents have been cutting deals to big corporations to get them on TV. We already have word that Dan Levy, Will Ferrell, Amy Schumer, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher pop up on your screens (oh, and Wayne and Garth – Party On!).

Quick preview of our buddy Will: