Cierto Tequila Brand and Packaging: Winner of 14 Prestigious Awards!

We at Edition Studios are thrilled to announce that our hard work and dedication has been recognized with a remarkable fourteen awards for the design of Cierto Tequila’s product and packaging. These awards not only honor the brand’s excellence but also celebrate the innovative bottle design that sets Cierto Tequila apart from every competitor in the spirits industry.

Our journey began in December 2017 when the founder of Cierto Tequila and our team embarked on the challenging task of designing a bottle that would be a true representation of Cierto Tequila’s distinction. From the outset, we knew that the height and facets of the bottle would play a pivotal role in showcasing the beauty of the tequila’s colors. As we researched world-famous spirits bottles, we realized that no other brand had explored a design that would allow the genuine hues to radiate through the glass.

Nothing existed in the market that came close to our vision and goals for Cierto Tequila. We experimented relentlessly, creating numerous prototypes and testing how light interacted with each expression. Our determination led us to create a stunning bottle that embodied a diamond-shaped exterior, gradually widening towards the top of the shoulder.

In our pursuit of perfection, we encountered various constraints while designing the 750ml bottle. The challenge was to strike a balance between an ideal height and width that would accommodate a full bottle of tequila while showcasing its colors in the most magnificent way possible. After careful consideration, we settled on sixteen precisely crafted facets for the bottle.

The choice of 16 facets was no coincidence; rather, it was the result of meticulous planning. We discovered that this specific number allowed the perfect amount of light and shadows to penetrate the bottle from every angle. The diamond-shaped facets provided a dance of illumination, accentuating the rich tones of Cierto Tequila in a mesmerizing display.

Our hard work and ingenuity were not in vain. Cierto Tequila’s bottle design garnered significant recognition, winning six Design Awards at the 2021 San Diego Spirits Festival, followed by seven Packaging and Design awards at the 2022 Denver International Spirits Competition. As if that weren’t enough, the crown jewel came with the New Brand Launch award from the prestigious 2023 International Spirits Challenge.

We are immensely proud of the awards and accolades that Edition Studios has received for the design of Cierto Tequila’s product and packaging. The bottle has truly redefined the way tequila bottles are perceived, providing an unforgettable visual experience that complements the exquisite taste of Cierto Tequila. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of this exceptional brand, and we eagerly look forward to future endeavors that will continue to push the boundaries of design in the spirits industry. 

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