Edition’s Winter Playlists

After you’ve eaten your weight in gingerbread, watched Love Actually for the 18th time, and exhausted Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album, break out this list of Edition Studio’s favorites for the rest of your holiday respite. With 2020 behind us, start the new year by learning something new and indulging in some great entertainment. We wish you and yours a restful and healthy holiday season.

Edition Studios


Ear Hustle

Started by two San Quentin Prison inmates and a prison volunteer, Ear Hustle looks into everything that happens within their walls and the justice system as a whole. You’ll learn what day-to-day life looks like for someone inside and how they retain their hope and humanity. Incredibly eye-opening and beautifully done.


Created and produced by author Jonathan Goldstein, Heavyweight is the perfect blend of humor and human insight. In every episode, Goldstein attempts to solve listeners’ personal mysteries of heartbreak, broken relationships, or past failures, and tries to build bridges and create better endings. 

Nice White Parents

An intense look at the education system in just five episodes, Nice White Parents explores the topics of racism and the illusion of an equal education for all.


For those who prefer to keep it spooky all year round, Spooked offers real-life supernatural stories told by those who experienced it first-hand. 

Eat, Pray, Britney

What’s happening with Britney Spears? For starters, her father still controls her personal life and every dime she makes. Eat, Pray, Britney stays up to date on the #FreeBritney movement and the depressing details of a manufactured pop star that has zero control of her own life.

99% Invisible

With over 400 episodes at this point, there’s little creator Roman Mars hasn’t covered. Focused on the little things that most people miss in spheres like design and architecture, this podcast is perfect for those interested in learning all about life’s little mysteries.


Palm Springs

Michael and Braedy have watched this movie at least 10 times, and it seems to get more fun with each watch. Who doesn’t love a Groundhog Day style movie where each day repeats over and over again? Watch on Hulu.


Honestly, we’re usually on board with anything A24 Films puts out there, and Waves is no exception. It’s all about human connection, pain, and the beauty of kindness and forgiveness. Watch on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Showtime.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is Anna’s go-to. This fun indie adventure film will bring you so much joy and make you want to explore all of New Zealand! It also makes us miss our pal, Drew.

Chelsea Handler Evolution

If you loved Chelsea’s book, “Life Will Be The Death of Me,” then you’ll love watching it be brought to live in this stand up special. She’s one of our favorite comedians and we’re here for everything she has to offer. Watch on HBO Max.


Schitt’s Creek (Final Season)

We’re going to miss this show so much. There’s a reason why they swept the Emmy’s this past year and we are ready to rewatch the entire series. Eww, David! Watch it all on Netflix.

The Queen’s Gambit

What’s fun about chess? A lot, apparently. This story about an orphan chess prodigy has so much heart and emotion, plus it’s super bingeable at only 7 episodes. Watch on Netflix.

We Are Who We Are

By far, our favorite show of 2020 about an outcast kid moving to a US military base in Italy with his Colonel mom. The relationships are deep, the visuals are poetic. A must watch for fan’s of Call Me By Your Name. Stream all episodes on HBO Max.

Below Deck Season 8

Our friend, Shane Coopersmith, was the newest deckhand on this season of the drama filled Bravo reality series. Our head is spinning even thinking about the unruly guests and intertwined romances. Watch on Bravo.

Murder On Middle Beach

Madison Hamburg’s mom was tragically murdered when he was a teenager, and the detectives were never able to solve the case. This docuseries follow Madison as he interviews friends and family to get to the bottom of who killed his mother. Watch on HBO Max.