When Yachting Collides with Sustainability

When you think about the luxurious world of Yachting, the things that come to mind are mostly: the fancy boat, laying in the sun, the food and, oh ya – of course, a full yacht crew waiting on you hand-and-foot. A short excursion on a mega yacht is a fantasy of many and to have the chance to spend an extended period of time on a yacht seems like an unattainable dream. We at Edition Studios agree; who would not want to have such an experience? Unfortunately, this seems more of a pipe dream than reality, which is one of the reasons we love Bravo’s Below Deck. Each season gives us the opportunity to put ourselves in that situation and this past season we took our chance to get more involved. 

After watching the first episode, one of the deck hands caught our attention. Shane Coopersmith, a San Diego native and someone who is relatively new to the yachting world, brought a new perspective that most yachting charters would never pay attention to: waste and sustainability. This unique perspective that luxury should still be sustainable is why we had to reach out and propose a collab. 

It only took a few minutes for our heads to start spinning and come up with an amazing idea that promotes sustainability, functionality, while incorporating a new brand. Introducing the Sustainable Shane Utensil Kit! Created from all natural bamboo, the kit includes everything you need for “to-go” meal utensils: fork, knife, spoon and straw/straw cleaner. Plastic utensils have taken over during the pandemic with the influx of take out food. We are so excited to help Shane with his mission of replacing single use plastics with bamboo! If you do not know much about bamboo, it can decompose in as little as 3 months, is antimicrobial, strong, and in our opinion, looks pretty cool too (insert smirk emoji). 

Of course, just because there is an amazing product available which could solve the problem of single use plastics does not mean it will happen overnight. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we have all become so used to ordering take-out food through our phones, picking it up and then mindlessly throwing away the plastics after one use. This will be a process, but it is a process we are proud to be a part of. 

IF you are interested in helping us and our buddy Shane, you can have a bamboo utensil kit for only $20! We think you should check it out for yourself and maybe even buy it for a family member or friend.