E3 Fit

bringing you fitness options right where you live, work, and play

Living a healthy life means having easy access to the resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s the idea behind E3 Fit—a gym that brings working out and wellness to where you live, work, and play. By doing so, E3 blends health and wellness into the fabric of everyday life in a way that’s seamless and natural—a way that sets you up for healthy living each day of the year.

the work

Edition faced its first challenge with E3 Fit when it came time to identify the company’s niche in the marketplace. That meant asking the question, “How could E3 reach and connect with people as they strived to achieve their workout and wellness goals?” Once Edition identified points of connection between the brand and its customers, it started positioning E3 as a unique player within the local and national marketplace. 

After a period of exploration and discovery, Edition settled on a brand voice filled with passion, a respect for hard work, and a taste for the hustle—a voice that feeds into the idea of taking charge and excelling in whatever you do. 

To celebrate the new voice and presence of E3 in the wellness world, Edition decided to do the only sensible thing they could—throw a pretty awesome grand opening party. Wellness and health, after all, deserve celebration. 

our roles

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography, Videography, & Content
  • Social Media, Email, PR
  • Event Planning