As an Agency Coordinator at Edition Studios, you will be the driving force behind efficiency and achieving project success. Your primary mission is to masterfully manage the Iron Triangle—balancing the delivery of projects on time, within budget, and while ensuring profitability. You are the linchpin that ensures our projects are executed seamlessly and that our clients are delighted. You think of yourself as a person who loves to get things done. You have a self-starter approach and are eager to jump in and create efficiencies through impeccable execution and organization.

As part of a small agency, you’ll wear many hats and quickly become part of the family. Beyond project coordination, you’ll manage social media projects and project reporting. This is a fast-paced work environment, and you’ll leave every day feeling like you accomplished a lot. Every day is different. Boring people and career coasters need not apply. This is a job for the true hustler.

  • Take charge of project planning, execution, and completion, ensuring that timelines and milestones are met.
  • Skillfully manage project budgets, allocating resources judiciously to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • Continuously seek opportunities to enhance project profitability by identifying cost-saving measures and revenue-generating strategies.
  • Collaborate closely with in-house teams, fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment to achieve project goals.
  • Identify potential project risks and develop effective mitigation strategies to keep projects on track.
  • Uphold rigorous quality standards, conducting regular assessments to ensure project deliverables meet or exceed expectations.
  • Keep stakeholders informed with clear and concise project status reports, highlighting achievements and addressing challenges.
  • Continually refine project management methodologies and processes for enhanced efficiency.
  • Coordinate and manage interactions between the agency and clients.
  • Predict client and agency needs and be willing to adapt and take on new challenges as required.
  • Assist as needed with campaign reporting and analysis of social media, SEO, and Google Ads
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience.
  • 3+ years in an admin setting or similar role.
  • Exceptional organizational and leadership skills.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Proficiency in project management software and tools.
  • Experience in Meta Ads Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Adobe is a plus
  • Proven track record of success in a similar role, demonstrating proficiency in managing projects, budgets, and profitability.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, sometimes high-pressure environment.
  • Natural ability to lead, guide, and cheer on your team.
  • Passion for innovation and forward-thinking work.
  • Attention to detail is extremely important — we strive for perfection.
  • Positive and optimistic attitude
  • Ability to quickly and seamlessly problem-solve.
  • Needs to see the big picture while having the gusto and diplomacy to guide the team through the rigors of daily action to achieve client and agency goals.
  • Edition Studios embraces equality, diversity, and inclusion and will seek to promote these benefits in all of our business activities.
  • Reduce friction wherever possible.
  • Streamline and increase efficiencies.
  • No bullshit.
  • Be nice, we’re all human.
  • Don’t just check the boxes.

This position starts as a 3-month contract with the intent to hire full time

Starting Salary Range: $50,000 – $60,000